Galaxy S20 Ultra's huge 100X Space Zoom tested by private investigator

Private investigator, Michael McKeever, tests Samsung's crazy new 100X Space Zoom feature on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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Samsung's new Galaxy S20 Ultra has had some testing that I don't think I've ever seen before: a private investigator has used the Galaxy S20 Ultra's flagship 100X Space Zoom camera technology, and really put it to the test.

Michael McKeever, a private investigator, has used Samsung's new Glaaxy S20 Ultra and its 100X Space Zoom feature against the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Sony HDR-CX190, and a Nikon P100. McKeever has been a private investigator for 30 years, where his go-to for 125x zoom shots was the Nikon P100, but the new Galaxy S20 Ultra is providing some great pictures with 10-30x.

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra easily beats Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max in this private investigator testing, as Apple only has 2x optical zoom with its latest flagship smartphone. If you want some great zoom goodness on a new smartphone, Samsung has your back and McKeever provides the goods with this different level of testing.

I don't think anyone will be the next Veronica Mars or anything with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it's a great test to see -- something completely different to the usual "look at photos of a city" or "look at photos of some fruit on my desk".

Galaxy S20 Ultra's huge 100X Space Zoom tested by private investigator 03

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