DDR3 On The Horizon

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| Feb 19, 2007 at 10:59 pm CST

Intel's upcoming Bearlake chipset will be the first to make use of DDR3 memory (which according to the latest roadmap, should hit the market sometime around the middle of the year). As such, memory maker SuperTalent are prep'ing up nice and early with word spreading on the weekend that they've just recently partnered up with Samsung to construct the first DDR3 prototype modules, and that they will also apparently be the first to enter the market with DDR3 memory.

Full details at the DailyTech and ChileHardware.

Super Talent sends us word that it has completed construction of its first DDR3 prototype modules and will be the first to market for commercial modules. As a member of JEDEC, Super Talent is devoting engineers and time to defining and finalizing the DDR3 specifications.

DDR3 is set to be the next PC memory standard and the successor to DDR2 memory. It holds a number of technological advantages over its predecessor. Power consumption has been decreased to 1.5 Volts, while clock speeds have gone up. Currently, DDR3 frequencies range from 800 MHz to 1600 MHz.

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