GECUBE introduces X1950XT X Series Graphics card

GECUBE introduces X1950XT X Series Graphics card news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Feb 16, 2007 at 5:00 pm CST

After the biggest badest AGP card you can find to keep your ole' beast in good shape for the latest games etc. ? This new offering from GeCube is right up your alley in that case. They've just announced the release of their new X1950XT X Series Graphics card with exceptional overclocking abilities thanks to the residing Thermo Electric Chip(TEC)-equipped X-Turbo fan.

Get the full scoop on it via GeCube's press release here folks.

GECUBE believes the market of AGP interface advanced graphic card is continuously growing. The story or high-end VGA started at the end of 2006, where the introduction of the X1950PRO series drew much attention from the general public. Today, another bright new product, X1950XT X series, is announced. It uses an ATI RADEON R580+ GPU with GDDR3 256MB and comes with GECUBE's exclusive X-Turbo fan, built-in Thermo Electric Chip (TEC), and temperature-controlled devices. The core clock speed not only directly challenges that of the X1950XTX level (648MHz), its overclocking speed can also reach at least 675 MHz or even higher. Overclocking can be done with ATI's built-in Overdrive Control panel. With overclocking, the temperature is still maintained at 70~80°C, which is lower than the normal operating temperature of general graphic card without overclocking. Moreover, the temperature monitor allows game players to overclock at their own will without worrying about burning up the chip. GECUBE believes that "ultimate overclocking capability with enhanced efficiency in heat dissipation" is the newest norm for selecting a graphic card.

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