VIA Announces PCI Express Chipset for Vista-Ready Mobility

VIA Announces PCI Express Chipset for Vista-Ready Mobility news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Jan 25, 2007 at 10:51 pm CST

VIA make headlines today with a new "Vista certified" mobile IGP chipset dubbed the "VN896" which includes their DX9 based Chrome9 HC integrated graphics processor and supports C7-M and Intel Pentium M processors with an FSB of up to 800Mhz, DDR2-667 or DDR-400 memory, as well as PCI Express x1 and x16 expansion ports.

For further information on it, have a read of VIA's announcement here.

Taipei, Taiwan, 24 January 2007 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the launch of the VIA VN896 digital media mobile IGP chipset, certified Vista Basic-ready by Microsoft and designed to provide users with unsurpassed visual clarity for notebooks and the new breed of ultra mobile devices.

The VIA VN896 chipset features the VIA Chrome9™ HC integrated graphics processor (IGP) featuring a DirectX® 9.0 3D accelerator for high performance and a 2D accelerator for productivity applications. The 3D graphics engine of the VN896 chipset offers the industry's only simultaneous usage of single-pass multitexturing and single-cycle trilinear filtering, providing stunning image quality without performance loss.

Also integrated is the latest generation Chromotion™ video display engine, featuring advanced video processing, including acceleration for MPEG-2 decoding, and picture enhancement through adaptive de-interlacing technology and video deblocking, all executed in hardware to offset the processor workload. The VIA VN896 also features versatile LCD panel, CRT and TV-out support, to as high as 1080i high definition, while separate display engines enable two outputs to display at the same time, with different information at different resolutions, pixel depths and refresh rates.

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