Ruby puts on her lipgloss for R600

Ruby puts on her lipgloss for R600 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Jan 24, 2007 at 7:33 pm CST

As the day draws closer to AMD/ATI's launch of their next big DX10 weapon (codenamed R600), Hexus have scored themselves an image which was taken at CES, this showing off the awesome attention to detail with a closeup of Ruby's face (ATI's mascot) in all her DX10 glory.

Mascot of the ATI Radeon range of graphics cards, Ruby, was discovered by us wearing her new "R600" look, when we did a bit of digging around at CES.

Boobage is a popular means of selling stuff (augmented by a fiery backdrop works best... marketing departments take note!). Computer hardware is no exception, what with all the nerds that use computers... *snort*... but let's not dwell on the nature of our own kind too much. It's no surprise that a shapely maiden might strut her stuff to shift some graphics cards... all the better when the cards can real-time render her. Gotta love modern tech demos.

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