Dolby sounds out new tech at CES

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| Jan 17, 2007 at 3:47 pm CST

DOLBY made quite an impression at CES this year, mainly in regards to their new "True HD" technology which is a lossless audio compression format that allows for up to *THIRTEEN* speakers!!!

For the full rundown on it and several other technologies shown off from them this year, have a read of this article over at The Inquirer.

DOLBY HAD a large booth at CES and was showing off a bunch of interesting technologies. They had things to talk about from lossless compression to PC technologies to portable ProLogic II setups.
The first one I was shown is called True HD and its companion called Dolby Digital Plus. True HD is a lossless audio compression format that does up to 13.1 channels with a data rate of 18 Mbps. You can set it up any way you want really, most will use much less but those are the limits.

Dolby Digital Plus is much the same except it is a lossy format. This one will stream with data rates from over 6Mbps to as far down as 96Kbps and it also does 13.1 channels.

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