Creative is prepping a PCIe X-Fi XtremeAudio

Creative is prepping a PCIe X-Fi XtremeAudio news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Jan 14, 2007 at 5:54 pm CST

And we all wondered if the day would ever come, it's certainly been delayed far longer then many would've expected but finally we see a PCI Express based audio card from Creative. It was showcased at CES last week and is said to be based around their lower-end X-Fi XtremeAudio offering with optical in and out ports to eliminate the need for a breakout box (be it internal or external).

Hopefully now that they've gotten the ball rolling we'll see some nice high-end audio cards surfacing which make use of the PCIe x1 interface.

More info over at the Tech Report.

Although it doesn't seen to have received much attention, Creative showed off a PCI Express version of its X-Fi XtremeAudio sound card at CES earlier this week. The folks at Japanese site PC Watch have taken some pictures of the card at Creative's CES booth, and one can spot a few interesting details.

For one, the card uses a PCIe x1 interface, so it should easily slip into most recent motherboards. Creative has also outfitted the card with S/PDIF optical in and out ports, reducing the need for a bulky break-out box or 5.25" drive bay interface. Interestingly, the card appears to have a much smaller X-Fi chip than either the original XtremeAudio or Creative's X-Fi XtremeMusic. Considering that the X-Fi XtremeAudio is currently Creative's cheapest X-Fi sound card, it seems strange that the company would choose to show off a PCIe version of that particular card rather than, say, a PCIe X-Fi Fatal1ty.

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