Hyundai makes $52 billion invesment into flying cars, electric cars

Hyundai Motor goes all-in for future cars: $52 billion investment into FLYING CARS, electric vehicles.

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Hyundai Motor just announced it is making a truly gigantic investment into the future of transportation, with a $52 billion investment into flying cars, self-driving cars, and electric cars.

Hyundai makes $52 billion invesment into flying cars, electric cars |

The investment is a push to see Hyundai Motor, which owns both Hyundai and Kia, to become a "frontrunner in the future mobility industry". The company said it wants to evolve from being just an "automaker" to a "smart mobility solution provider" by 2025.

Hyundai Motor will use the $52 billion investment into flying cars, which will fly into our lives in the form of something Hyundai calls personal air vehicles, robotics, and last-mile mobility. But there will be significant resources pumped into the R&D of electric vehicles to compete against other automakers, and especially industry-leaders and trendsetters in Tesla Motors.

The South Korean giant is etching out plans to have a self-driving platform debut in 2022, with mass production of these cars in 2024. Hyundai is aiming to have each of the cars it makes offer Level 2 or Level 3 self-driving abilities by 2025, which is not far away at all.

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