Latest ATI "R600," "R610" and "R630" Details

Latest ATI "R600," "R610" and "R630" Details news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Jan 9, 2007 at 4:39 pm CST

One of the most anticipated pieces of hardware yet to be officially released in the near future would indefinitely be that of AMD/ATI's upcoming graphics weapon, the R600 series, and the DailyTech have just managed to get a hold of an updated AMD ATI roadmap which reveals more details behind these DirectX 10 monsters.

DailyTech has just finished its briefing on the upcoming AMD ATI Radeon launches. The company has three major launches over the next few months: codenamed R600, R610 and R630.

The R600, ATI's ultra-high-end Radeon X1950 successor, has a production date scheduled for February 2007. The card will launch at or around the Cebit 2007 convention in mid-March. Shipments will follow shortly after.

Our latest roadmaps indicate R600 will support unified shaders and GDDR4 or GDDR3 memory. GDDR3 versions of the card running revision "A12" silicon appear to be making rounds in the blogsphere, and select press can even take a sneak peak of the card under embargo here at CES. The final silicon for R600 will be "A13."

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