GIGABYE Show Off H971 Stylish Multimedia Home Entertainment PC

GIGABYE Show Off H971 Stylish Multimedia Home Entertainment PC news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Dec 26, 2006 at 6:25 pm CST

GIGABYTE have just issued us with a press kit for their new H971 Entertainment PC, and what a swish looking little beauty it is. Based around Intel's G965 chipset it is of course Viiv approved with HDMI support, and will ship with Vista Home Premium Edition.

Info's still a bit scarce, no word of pricing or a release date but i'm sure it wont be far away.

GIGABYTE H971 has employed the latest Intel G965 chipset, being the standard Intel Viiv home digital platform technology carrying the latest operation system of Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium so that user can casually relax themselves with such digital life of zero time-lag via a device of multiple functions. The new products supports HDMI interference as it possess not merely 5Gbps bandwidth information transmission but also high-quality audio-visual signal transmission with a merely HDMI cable, largely reducing the problem of complex route circuit for highly demanding audio visual equipment. In addition to its pearl white design of electric appliance, GIGABYTE H971 has complete emerged itself into contemporary homely design with impeccable aesthetics, not to mention its exclusive fan control and piping cooler technology which have uniquely demonstrate its superb quiet and stable performance, making the dream of digital life of user come true.

- Supports the latest Full 1080P HDMI interface and 8-Channel for high definition audio output
- Supports the latest Intel Core 2 Dual processor and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
- Live TV pause function and just like watching DVD
- Keeps updating to the latest 14 days EPG ( Electronic Program Guide) and records your favorite shows
- Supports Hibrid TV tuner card for both digital and analog TV standards

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