SCPC 2006 - Celeron Mobile 1500@4170MHz = 178% overclock

SCPC 2006 - Celeron Mobile 1500@4170MHz = 178% overclock news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Dec 15, 2006 at 6:07 pm CST

A participating overclocker in this year's currently active Swedish Computer Performance Championship has allowed Nordic Hardware to post up results of his success during the course of the event thus far, and oh what results he has achieved! - Although his processor of choice was a lowly Celeron Mobile 1.5GHz, he's managed to push it to astonishing levels, no less than 4170MHz in fact! This makes for a 178% overclock which happens to be second best to a result by another individual last year at 203%.

Get the full scoop on this awesome accomplishment here.

About half of the Performance Championship 2006 has passed and as usual the results are still a bit sparse as many are waiting to reveal their results until the very end, thus also hiding their system specifications. But to our great joy some have chosen to submit their results now already, thus setting the bar and one of these is Andreas "Himura" Johansson. Andreas was second in last year's Championship in the Percentual Overclocking category, only beaten by Robert "crotale" Kihlberg which was truly magnificent with his outrageous 203%. Andreas finished second with 173%, which was actually the second best result ever submitted, which says a lot about both Andreas' and Robert's achievements. Andreas has returned and done so with a taste of revenge.

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