A DVD with 1TB of storage

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| Dec 11, 2006 at 4:51 pm CST

I bet many of you are still pretty excited at the thought of being able to hold upwards of 15GB a disc using HD-DVD or Blu ray technology (once prices on the drives and media become more sensible that is) - Well imagine the possibility of being able to store up to 1TB onto a single DVD disc? Seems some uni scientists are well on the way to making it happen.

Scientists at UCF (University of Central Florida) have managed to create a new optical storage system in several dimensions. By using many layers and a system with two lasers with different wavelengths they've managed to create storage solutions at over 1TB on a regular DVD. The reason no one have managed to do this before is that you use light for both reading and writing to the disc, which means that when they've tried to read data they've earlier written they've simply destroyed it instead. They have now been able to work around this by using lasers with different wavelengths. The technology still needs some tweaking but may very well be suitable for use by museums or libraries, which needs to store huge amounts of data, in the future.

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