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NASA would have landed on Mars if it wasn't for politics

NASA will first go to the Moon sustainably, then venture to the Mars. This would of already happened if its wasn't for politics

By: Jak Connor from Jul 16, 2019 @ 1:00 CDT

As America and NASA come closer to the 50th anniversary celebration of the Moon landing, NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine shined a light on what the next space-program will be.

Bridenstine was on Face The Nation and was iasked about how NASA plans on getting to the Moon within the next 5 years. According to Bridenstine, "There's two risks. There's technical risk and there's political risk. We would be on the moon right now if it weren't for the political risk. We would be on Mars, quite frankly, by now had it not been for the political risk." Combining into the 'political risk' is the other half the equation which is funding, which Bridenstine also says that was a massive issue.

Since the announcement by the Vice President for a Moon mission in the next 5 years, NASA has recently received the funding necessary to make this mission possible. Donald Trump recently said on Twitter that the Moon mission should not be focused on, and rather that Mars should be America's next goal.

After Brindenstine discovered the Tweet from Trump, he said that he talked to him - saying "I wanted to make sure we were in alignment-we absolutely are. He understands, and in fact, he said to me, 'I know we gotta go to the moon to get to Mars,' but he said, 'What is that generational achievement that will inspire all of Americans? It's putting an American flag on Mars.' He said, 'Make sure you're committed to the flag on Mars."

Brindenstine says in the interview that when astronauts go back to the Moon that they want to do it "sustainably", but ultimately want to follow through with Trumps end goal.

"We want to go back to the moon sustainably, in other words, to stay, but we also want to keep our eye on what is President Trump's goal. What is his vision? He wants to put an American flag on Mars. So we go to the moon so we can learn how to live and work in another world and ultimately have more access to the solar system than ever before so we can get-no kidding-to Mars."