First Look: AMD 4x4 motherboard

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| Nov 16, 2006 at 6:37 pm CST

As the launch of AMD's 4x4 platform draws closer, The Inquirer have managed to get some pictures and info of ASUS's upcoming "LN64-SLI Deluxe", purely intended for the 4x4 platform. Its based around NVIDIA's "nForce 680a" chipset, and is said to become available around the same time as AMD's FX-74 CPUs which is towards the end of this month.

More pictures of it can also be found over at Techpowerup folks.

WITH AMD POSTPONING the 4x4 launch at the 11th hour, readers found themselves deprived of 4x4 reviews hitting the wobbly wibble on the 14th of November, that is to say, yesterday. We asked around and could not get a straight answer to the fact why the launch has been postponed. Some of our sources were muddling around a "fact" that the CPU volume was not ready in order to have anything more than a paper launch.

Regardless of that, we managed to get pictures and details of the Nforce 680a chipset, which will remain the only 4x4 supporting chipset until AMD prepares a revamped RD580 chipset - to be launched at the same time as the R600.

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