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Intel Desktop Processor Plans For 2007

Intel Desktop Processor Plans For 2007 news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages

Steve Dougherty | Nov 14, 2006 at 06:00 pm CST (2 mins, 14 secs reading time)

The lads at HKEPC have found out some details on several new models to enter Intel's Core 2 Duo lineup in 2007.

As everyone may already know 1333MHz FSB Intel Core 2 Duo (including E6850, E6750 and E6650) will be releasing in Q3 2007, Intel just announced more choices to customers. Besides the 3 models mentioned above, Intel will also release Core 2 Duo E6390 in Q3 2007, E4200 and E4400 in Q2 2007. Core 2 Duo E6390 targets to the market of E6300 and E6400, and the two members from Core 2 Duo E4000 family are designed to replace Netburst Pentium D.

There's also news that they're dropping the single-core "Pentium E1000" processor family in favour of some dual-core chips with half the L2 cache disabled, these to be dubbed the "Pentium E2000" family instead.

Acquaintance from manufacturers reported that Intel has cancelled Pentium E1000 previously planned to release in Q207. Instead, a new dual core Pentium E2000 family is introduced, enlarging the popularity of dual core processor.

In the previous plan, Pentium E1000 (Conroe-L) family are single-core processors which include E1020 (1.4GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB), E1040 (1.6GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB), and E1060 (1.8GHz/1MB L2/800MHz FSB). They are set to replace the market of single-core Netburst. However, as dual core is already popular, single core hasn't got much room to live, and hence Pentium E2000 family now bears the mission to replace the market instead. Conroe-L is kept for Celeron only.

Furthermore, there's also mention of a new Core 2 Duo chip to hit the market on 21st Jan next year dubbed the "E4300". It's anticipated that this 1.8GHz offering will be an overclocker's favourite due to its lowly price tag and 800MHz FSB (which will supposedly handle being bumped up to 1066MHz without any increase in voltage). This will also be the first Core 2 Duo chip to surface with native 2MB L2 cache.

Intel Core2 Duo E4300, the next Core 2 Duo processor to be released is now scheduled on 21 Jan 2007. Its market is set to value, such that it has 800 MHz FSB only, though, according to the report from manufacturers, most of their mother board could able to overclock the processor to 1066 MHz FSB without any change to voltage.

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 is the first native 2MB L2 Conroe at L2 Stepping. The processor is running at 1.8GHz, 800MHz FSB and 9X multiplier. Without adding voltage, 1066MHz FSB is mostly achieved and runs really stable. At 1066 MHz FSB, the clock speed is further enhanced to 2.4GHz. Compared with Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.13GHz/2MB L2/1066MHz FSB), this can provide a 10-15% higher performance, but the price is much cheaper, say Core 2 Duo E4300 @ $163 vs Core 2 Duo E6300 @ $183.

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