DFI Unveil INFINITY NF 550/570 Series Motherboards

DFI Unveil INFINITY NF 550/570 Series Motherboards news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Nov 10, 2006 at 6:57 pm CST

DFI have just announced several new motherboards under their INFINITY branding, all designed around AMD's AM2 platform. There's the INFINITY NF 570 SLI-M2/G, NF570 - M2/G, and NF550 - M2/G, with details on each in DFI's official PR here folks.

Only two months before the end of the year, Channel's sales promotion is all around. Players who want to assemble a new system will not let this chance slip by. Besides, several CPU socket transactions are being formed this year. Game players and overclocking players should have all focused on the fiery market of motherboards. At this time, pro-gamers who desires advanced game performance or players who have just begun playing games are all searching for a suitable motherboard to suit their satisfaction. If this kind of motherboard exists, it will not only meet advanced users' upgrade requirement for assembling computers (for example, it can support the latest advanced AM2 CPU, run with the fastest DDR2 800 RAM, and support the most fancy gaming graphic solution--- NVIDIA SLI platform), but will also allow rookie gamers to own ordinary devices and meet their assembling requirements with reasonable prices under the uttermost limitation. Would this motherboard be the "dream board" that you are searching for?

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