First Watercooled Solution for G80

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| Nov 8, 2006 at 6:05 pm CST

The lads at Nordic Hardware have sourced details of the first sighted waterblock for NVIDIA's next-gen GeForce 8800 series cards. Dubbed the "Silenx", its an aluminium block with a copper core which also has a contact surface for the memory circuits.

For a stack of images of it, check out this thread over at a german hardware forum.

That NVIDIA's coming graphics card series GeForce 8800 is powerful and power consuming is something most have already agreed on, but contrary to the first reports there will not be a hybrid air/water cooler from factory. But we should be able to assume that the GeForce 8800 series, like most new graphics cards, performs even better with more efficient cooling. The first water block for NVIDIA's new graphics card series has now appeared in a German hardware forum. The water cooling block goes by the name Silenx and is an aluminum block with a copper core. The block also has contact surface for the memory circuits, something which is often forgotten with many water cooling solutions.

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