Secretlab's 2020 series raises the gaming chair bar, AGAIN

Secretlab's all-new 2020 series sets a new standard for gaming chairs, won't break the bank.

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Secretlab has just surprised us all with the release of its next generation gaming chairs in the new 2020 series, setting the new gold standard of gaming chairs.

Secretlab's 2020 series raises the gaming chair bar, AGAIN 02

The new Secretlab 2020 series is infused into their very best flagship gaming chair families in the TITAN and OMEGA series chairs, both improved with the new features from the 2020 series. These benefits include over 20 upgrades to the materials that Secretlab uses to build the chair, while the features and construction of their chairs themselves are different. It might look the same, but there are some serious changes under the hoods of the 2020 series gaming chairs.

Like the under-the-hood power of a car, some of those looks are also super-powered with their own upgrades including what is the VERY BEST neck and memory foam lumbar pillows. They are both the most hands down most comfortable I've ever used, and I think I would say that for every memory foam pillow ever. It's kind of unbelievable to the point where Secretlab has even added a layer of cooling gen inside of the neck pillow that dissipates the heat from the pillow over long gaming sessions. Like... what?! So awesome, and only with Secretlab.

As for the chair we're looking at PRIME PU v2.0 leather that is the most plush yet as well as more durable, allowing for a good press that bouncces back beautifully. I've sat in one for 5-6 hours over the last few days -- just as I prepare and pack for Computex 2019 and fly out in a few hours, and it has been one of my most comfortable experiences in a chair, not just a gaming chair, yet.

Secretlab's new OMEGA 2020 series chair starts from $359 while the TITAN 2020 series chairs starts from $399. There are a few major differences between the chairs as the OMEGA has the signature memory foam pillow but no adjustable lumbar support, this is the one I have and I love it (especially for that memory foam pair versus the single pillow on the TITAN -- which has adjustable lumbar support.

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