AMD's 4x4 box at a glimpse

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| Nov 6, 2006 at 5:57 pm CST

The Inquirer have just recently taken a good close look at one of AMD's upcoming "4x4" systems, managing to get a few pictures of it as well. What they saw was very impressive and discovered several aspects of 4x4 that were previously not known.

Well worth having a read to get a good idea of what this mega beast is all about.

GOT A CLOSE look at a running 4x4 system in Austin last week, and it was quite an interesting beast. There was nothing new in the spec department, but there are a lot of details I wasn't aware of, and the philosophy came into a little sharper focus.

The system was doing quite a lot, more than any sane player would ever do. It was running a Dell 30 inch monitor with two copies of City of Heroes, two HD movies looping, and one HD movie encoding. AMD touts the platform as a workstation, and it does appear to be one in the classic sense.

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