Fraps 2.8.0 Released

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| Oct 23, 2006 at 7:29 pm CDT

Just a quick heads up relating to the popular "Fraps" video capturing/benchmarking software, they've just updated it to v2.8.0 with plenty of tweaks and enhancements as per the changelog below.

Head over to their website and grab the latest release here folks.

Got Dual Core? For video capture we're happy to announce the removal of resolution restrictions on multi-core systems. So whether you want to record in 1280x1024 or go for HD 1080p you now have the choice :)

We're also proud to once again be a sponsor of the Machinima Film Festival. For anyone interested in the convergence of games and cinema this is THE event to attend and we look forward to seeing the year's best Machinima. If you're in the New York area on Nov 4th-5th please consider checking out the the festival and saying hi! More information:


- Added full-size video capture up to 2560x1600 for dual core CPUs
- Added G15 gameinfo screen (mapped to 4th button)
- Added Targa (TGA) screenshot format support
- Added dual core optimizations to Fraps FPS1 codec
- Added extra digit to counter (now displays above 999 fps)
- Improved full-size D3D9 video capture speed (10-20%)
- Fixed G15 display not scaling properly with high framerates
- Fixed Company of Heroes reporting 999 fps
- Fixed mouse cursor offset in some windowed applications
- Fixed flickering movies recording Flight Simulator 9/FSX with dual monitors

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