Galaxy GeForce 7900GT Dual Core Masterpiece Edition

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| Oct 9, 2006 at 8:27 pm CDT

Galaxy recently wowed the masses with the introduction of their new "GeForce 7900GT Dual Core Masterpiece Edition", a singular PCB sporting two 7900GT GPUs. This beast arries higher then stock clocks with its huge cooling solution and also includes 2x512M of GDDR3 memory.

The lucky lads at Guru3D have scored one to play with and seem quite impressed with it, you can check out the review here.

Hey everybody, today will be the first site ever to review an actual Dual GeForce 7900 GT GPU solution based on a single board :) That's right, this is not a GX2 with two separate boards mounted together, but one card with two graphics cores. We have seen ASUS and Gigabyte manufacture similar products with limited success already but Galaxy is the first to push the envelope slightly with the 7600/7900 series of products in their new Masterpiece range of products.

Over the years we have reviewed a lot of products for Galaxy technology. Fact is this: Galaxy is a relatively small company, and for a company to get known and grow you sometimes need to take drastic measures compared to other competitors to show that you are out there. What Galaxy usually does is offer GeForce graphics cards based on another PCB color and lately they're also using Zalman fans. They also came up with dual-bios technology (SmartFlash) and added stuff onto the videocards like little buzzers that will go off once your fan fails or the GPU is overheating.

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