Vonage calls up USB key phone

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| Oct 6, 2006 at 6:49 am CDT

Reg Hardware and TechpowerUp! have discovered a new form of easy communication on the go with a little flash drive device from telephony company "Vonage" dubbed the "V-Phone USB calling kit".

The flash drive itself has 250MB free space, and the remaining read-only space is used for Vonage's software. Plugging the handset into a computer with broadband access, and then plugging the included headset into the USB stick turns the computer into an instant Vonage phone. After all calls are done, and the USB stick is removed, no files are left on the computer. The Vonage USB flash drive is called the "V-Phone", and has several features. It ships with a phone number, so that non-Vonage customers can call the V-Phone.

Pretty handy little unit! Unfortunately this service is only available in the UK but it will be interesting to see if other telephony companies around the globe start to offer similar devices for their customers in the near future.

VoIP telephony company Vonage has launched its V-Phone USB calling kit in the UK. It's the size of a Flash drive - there's 250MB of free storage space on there - but also includes all you need to use your Vonage account on any PC, anywhere.

The host needs to be connected to a broadband internet link, of course, and if it's behind a separate firewall you might run into problems too. The V-Phone has a read-only sector that contains Vonage's VoIP software and comes bundled with a headset which plugs into a 2.5mm port on the side of the device. No files are left on the PC.

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