Kinc flies by 90,000 with 3DMark 2001

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| Oct 5, 2006 at 8:13 pm CDT
Kinc of Nordic Hardware has recently been very determined to reach the 90,000 mark in 3DMark2001, managing to come just shy of it earlier this week. With plenty of patience and determination he's finally reached his goal, new attempts yesterday have taken the world record to a whopping 90,702 points, and he's not about to stop at pushing for more either!

Details on this awesome achievement here.

Saturday our two OC gurus Marcus 'Kinc' Hultin and Robert 'crotale' Kihlberg managed to reach 89,120 points with 3DMark 2001. A new world record, but at the same time ridiculously close to the dream breaking 90,000. Marcus made new attempts yesterday and has now been able to reach and as the first person ever go past 90,000 with Futuremark's 3DMark 2001 by scoring 90,702 points. The key to the success was a new processor which could be clocked to 5.1GHz and another PowerColor X1950XTX which was able to handle the temperatures of real cooling.

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