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Smash Bros. Ultimate bug: Isabelle's Infinite Assist trophy

An infinite assist trophy glitch has been discovered with Isabelle and her dreaded fishing rod

Jak Connor | Dec 18, 2018 at 2:00 am CST (1 min, 3 secs time to read)

A game breaking bug has been discovered in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that spawns in infinite amount assist trophies. It can only be activated with Isabelle.

The glitch has been discovered by TheAfrowJow when both players decided to do a mirror match with Isabelle. The glitch occurred when an assist trophy spawned between both players and instead of running over and picking up and activating the trophy traditionally, both players decided to use Isabelle's fishing rod to grab it from afar. One of the players was late on the grab and caught the item while the second Isabelle was activating it. This must of caused a break in the animation and stopped the game from registering that the trophy was used.

From the above video you can see that once the animation is broken, the Isabelle that is activating the assist trophy will infinitely keep spawning and activating that specific trophy. The only way to stop this from happening is for the other Isabelle to hit the Isabelle that is activating the trophy breaking the animation. Since this glitch is so bad and can easily swing the tides of match, I think it is safe to assume that Nintendo will no doubt fix this in the games next update.

Last updated: Apr 6, 2020 at 04:45 pm CDT

Jak Connor


Jak's love for technology, and, more specifically, PC gaming, began at 10 years old. It was the day his dad showed him how to play Age of Empires on an old Compaq PC. Ever since that day, Jak fell in love with games and the progression of the technology industry in all its forms. Instead of typical FPS, Jak holds a very special spot in his heart for RTS games.

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