DFI - Setting The Record Straight

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| Sep 28, 2006 at 6:20 pm CDT
Rumour started spreading recently in regards to DFI's future (or should i say, lack of) in the motherboard biz, indicating that they'll likely pull the plug on desktop motherboard development. Thank god it turns out that this is a load of hogwash, so much so that they're actually starting to direct most of their attention into motherboards specifically for the enthusiast market!

Details at XBit.

Diamond Flower Information denied on Tuesday information that the company plans to abandon the high-end mainboards business. Instead, the manufacturer said, the company will cease to supply entry-level desktop solutions too boost its focus on the mid-range and high-end Infinity and LanParty motherboards.

"It is a well know fact that our industrial motherboards give us a more dependable year round business but there are no plans to stop production on our LanParty and Infinity line products. At the moment we still have LanParty and Infinity boards planned until Q4 2007 and R&D is constantly thinking of new boards to add to the planning," said Zach Schreiber, a spokesman for DFI.

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