The Historical Development Of Microprocessors

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| Sep 25, 2006 at 8:06 pm CDT

FastSilicon have just published an article dedicated to the history of the microprocessor's development, dating all the way back to 1971. if you're keen to broaden your knowledge in the area of something we all take for granted these days, this is a great readup!

These devices are very essential components in thousands of electronic devices that we use directly and indirectly in our daily life The design and manufacture of microprocessors involve very complicated and high tech processes and procedures.

If we one were to visit a modern semiconductor fabrication facility, the initial impression would be somewhat underwhelming At least the areas that most of the public are allowed to see seem no more daunting than any other high tech manufacturing facility The cleanroom areas (which for cleanliness reasons are always off limits to the public) and the massively expensive equipment needed for state of the art semiconductor manufacture are what lead to these facilities easily costing into the multiple billion dollar range.

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