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Tom's Hardware founder comments on RTX 'Just Buy It' scandal

Thomas Pabst, the founder of Tom's Hardware says current drama is 'ridiculous, suicidal'

By: Anthony Garreffa from Aug 27, 2018 @ 23:51 CDT

If you haven't been keeping up with the current scandal in the industry, Tom's Hardware is experiencing a major internal struggle that is now being displayed in public with contradicting articles over NVIDIA's new GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards. This has even forced out the founder of Tom's Hardware who hasn't spoken about the website since he sold it in 2007.


Thomas Pabst, founded of Tom's Hardware, spoke out publicly for the first time about the RTX "Just Buy It" article that ran last Friday on the site he founded. Tom has not been vocal about Tom's Hardware so this was unexpected: "In regards to the RTX scandal at Tom's Hardware, Pabst said: "You asked 'What happened, Tom? What has become of you?' Well, there's only one person who can answer that! Tom has become a daddy of two boys and doesn't have anything to do with Tom's Hardware anymore. So far so good".

Pabst continued, pondering: "What does Tom think of the article you love so emphatically?"

"Well, I'd say Tom would have been less kind than you have been with his assessment! It is ultimately ridiculous, it is indeed suicidal, and its conclusions are epically nonsensical. There is value in being an early adopter? Aren't we, who are impatiently into the latest tech, sorely aware of what we keep doing to ourselves when we purchase technology at high prices 'ahead of the curve'? It's maso-f***ing-chism!"

"We make ourselves paying beta testers, and wait for software (and often other hardware) that will hopefully bless our brand new tech with the meaning and usefulness they simply do not have by the time of our premature purchase! There are no RTX games, but there is value in adopting Turing early, because current games might be faster than on our 1080ti SLI setup? Yes, this is madness, and good old Tom is scratching his head no less than you are, Steve! There's got to be value in masochism!"

GamersNexus has been all over this with a glorious video that outlines it all, with Steve breaking it down and his laugh alone is worth the video. Thomas Pabst, the founder and ex-owner of Tom's Hardware has replied to Steve with a statement on his thoughts of what is going on over at Tom's Hardware right now.

The article in question is Tom's Hardware is titled 'Just Buy It: Why NVIDIA RTX GPUs Are Worth the Money'. The article has had countless tech media asking 'WTF' is going on, with Avram Piltch, the Editor-in-Chief of Tom's Hardware who is new to the job with 6 months on the clock, tells readers that "Life is short. How many months or years do you want to wait to enjoy a new experience? You can sit around twiddling your thumbs and hoping that an RTX 2080 gets cheaper, or you can enter the world of ray-tracing and high-speed, 4K gaming today and never look back".

But if you thought that was bad, Piltch adds: "When you die and your whole life flashes before your eyes, how much of it do you want to not have ray tracing?" I wish I was joking, but I'm not. Gamers Nexus responded with their video above, and post on Facebook which we have below, where TH founder Tom Pabst replied.

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