NVIDIA Yet To Release 7900GTO!?

NVIDIA Yet To Release 7900GTO!? news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Sep 7, 2006 at 6:58 pm CDT

Just when you thought NVIDIA had all bases covered with their current lineup of graphics cards, looks like yet another GeForce 7 series card is possibly on the way in the "7900GTO". It's been said this will basically be an indentical card to the 7900GTX, only differing in slightly lowered memory clock speeds of 1.38GHz (as opposed to the 1.6GHz on the 7900GTX).

HKEPC have the scoop.

Sources from European OEM indicate that they are considering to produce a stuff like GeForce 7900GTX in appearance, a product probably named Geforce 7900GTO. What is it?

They said this new graphic card is so similar to GeForce 7900GTX, not only in appearance, and also the specification. It is driven by NVIDIA G71 core @ 650MHz, owning 24 Pixel Shader pineline, 16 ROP and 8 Vertex Shader engine. Of course, the heat sink is also the same as GeForce 7900GTX in Dual Slot design.

The only difference is focus on the memory module. The memory size is kept in 512MB, but it has a little bit lowered clock speed than GTX in 1.6GHz. The new clock rate is 1.38GHz, the same as GT, where -1.4ns GDDR3 is used.

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