Fortnite's new Playground: the next big change for Fortnite

Playground is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale in its upcoming patch.

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Fortnite almost reinvented itself with its Battle Royale mode, and it seems Epic Games is about to do it again with the new update to Fortnite with Playground.

Fortnite's new Playground: the next big change for Fortnite |

Playground sounds exactly like you'd expect, it'll be a place where you and your friends will load into a private island where you can do whatever you want. Want to practice new weapons? Sure. Need to practice your building skills? Go for it. There's no one in that server but you and your friends.

Since there won't be any time restrictions in Fortnite's new Playground mode, the buildings and structures created should be wondrous. We could be looking at some Minecraft-level stuff here, so I'm expecting some weird and whacky creations to show up on YouTube and Twitch in the coming months.

Playground will have friendly fire enabled, so you will be able to kill your friends - but it also opens the door to bigger opportunities. You could open up a custom Fortnite match where you have a specific amount of private rules to abide by (certain guns, or building particular structures) and then battle it out on the private map. Alternatively, with streamers flocking to Fortnite, we could see some truly epic 1v1 matches without the hassles of 50 other players.

Epic Games is testing out Fortnite's new Playground mode, so we could expect it to evolve over the months into a more permanent, and custom feature. We should see other modes unveiled in the coming months with plenty of ideas spawned from Playground, I'm sure.

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