NVIDIA to Release Three New Graphics Cards

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| Aug 28, 2006 at 6:50 pm CDT

The DailyTech have posted up details of a few more entry-level/mid-range cards to soon enter NVIDIA's GeForce family, these being the GeForce 7100GS, 7900GS, and 7950GT. Talk about options these days, sheesh!

NVIDIA is set to release three new products in the coming weeks to do battle with ATI during the holiday season. This time around NVIDIA is launching new mid-range and entry level offerings to take on ATI's recently launched Radeon X1300XT, X1650 Pro, X1900XT 256MB, X1950XTX and X1950 CrossFire. NVIDIA's new offerings arrive in the form of the GeForce 7100GS, 7900GS and 7950GT.

At the entry level side of things NVIDIA is replacing its GeForce 6200TC with a new GeForce 7100GS. The G72 based 7100GS retains Turbo Cache support like the GeForce 6200TC it replaces. There will be 128MB of onboard memory which translates into 512MB effective memory with NVIDIA's Turbo Cache technology. The GeForce 7100GS is also backed by a 64-bit memory interface with compatibility with DDR2 memory. Four pixel shader units are available on the GeForce 7100GS. Core clock of the GeForce 7100GS is set at a rather conservative 350 MHz. NVIDIA SLI and PureVideo technologies are supported by the GeForce 7100GS, though it lacks the SLI bridge connector.

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