Intel Core 2 Duo Voltage Boost

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| Aug 21, 2006 at 7:57 pm CDT

If you're a daring enough Core 2 Duo owner and love fiddling with things you know you shouldnt (like me), how's about giving that chip a nice voltage boost to assist with your overclock? VR-Zone guide you through it well enough that should anything go wrong? you've only yourself to blame.

Good luck have fun!

The Core 2 Duos bring the joy back for the Intel Overclockers with their easy to handle heat and ample of overclock head-room. However, the overclocking capacity depends as much on the motherboards paired with them. Some of the enthusiasts on a tight budget are stuck with a limiting motherboard , particularly in the voltage department. (ASRock Motherboard Users come to mind ;) ) Well now here's a way out for you!

You can basically over-ride the default voltage of 1.325v inherent on many of the Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, E6300 to X6800, with a simple "pin-mod". Well yes, there are no longer pins on these LGA packaged processors... in fact that makes them easier to modify! All you need is some electrical insulation tape and some conductive ink!

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