Wave goodbye to ATI

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| Aug 8, 2006 at 8:13 pm CDT
Seems the ATI branded logo will be no more in the not too distant future, rather we'll start to see AMD branded RADEON graphics cards and the like.

An interview over at CustomPC with AMD's Gareth Carter has the story, and theres some more on it at bit-tech folks.

It looks like this acquisition just might be the death of ATI. At least as a brand name, that is. CustomPC had the chance to interview AMD's Gareth Carter, who stated assuredly that after the deal is finished, "The new company will be called AMD."

Richard Baker, Marketing Manager for AMD in Northern Europe, also weighed in during the interview, saying that it was unknown whether the familiar Radeon brand name would bite the dust as well. "'We haven't made any final decisions yet," he said. "But I'd personally be very surprised if we dropped any of those product names. The ATI company name is definitely going, though."

UPDATE: According to this latest report at CustomPC, the ATI logo may well be sticking around after all, at least for a while.

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