"CellFactor: Revolution" To Bring Physics Right Out Of The Bag?

"CellFactor: Revolution" To Bring Physics Right Out Of The Bag? news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Aug 7, 2006 at 7:18 pm CDT

Although dedicated physics processing in games has been available for a little while now, we're still yet to see a game bring out the true potential of such technology. Early signs have shown that upcoming title from Artificial Studios "CellFactor: Revolution" could be what pushes many of us to finally dig into our pockets for a dedicated AGEIA PPU solution (officially supported by Artificial Studios).

Last saturday at QuakeCon, Jeremy Stieglitz, president of Artificial Studios and co-founder and CEO of AGEIA Technologies, Inc., Manju Hegde presented the latest advancements and PhysX capabilities in CellFactor: Revolution. They discussed how PhysX can help PC game developers get more reliable, pervasive dynamic motion and interaction and Stieglitz will show its capabilities in CellFactor: Revolution gameplay. Concluding the presentation, attendees were invited over to AGEIA's booth to sample more CellFactor action and even take on Stieglitz in a Death Match.

The title is slated for release in time for xssy, and there's plenty more info about it in this press release folks.

Dallas, August 3, 2006 - Artificial Studios, an independent videogame developer announced today the December 2006 release of CellFactor: Revolution. The title is an action-packed first-person shooter with true-to-life physics for the PC, which takes advantage of the capabilities of the dedicated AGEIA™ PhysX™ processor.

Developed by Artificial Studios in conjunction with Immersion Games and originally conceived as a technology demonstration to showcase the capabilities of AGEIA's PhysX processor, CellFactor: Combat Training has received overwhelming industry support. The game trailer video was first shown at the 2006 Game Developers Conference and downloaded more than a million times. Since then, Artificial Studios has built entirely new gameplay for CellFactor: Revolution, featuring five worlds with fully destructible architecture, playable as a single-player or network supported (LAN or broadband online) game.

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