ATI is still go for RD600

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| Jul 26, 2006 at 8:49 pm CDT
Despite this rumour spreading quickly around on the web a couple of days ago which clearly stated that ATI's bus license had been revoked by Intel (disallowing them to further produce Intel motherboard chipsets), it's (thankfully) just a bunch of hogwash, which also gives everyone peace of mind that ATI's highly anticipated RD600 chipset for Core 2 Duo will certainly make its way to retail after all.

Intel insiders have confirmed to DailyTech that the license for ATI to manufacture chipsets for the Intel bus has not been revoked. ATI's board of directors recently approved a takeover bid from AMD which would make ATI a division of AMD if approved.

A report on The Inquirer yesterday claims "ATI had its chipset bus license pulled, or at least not renewed by Intel." Aside from the fact that it is probably not legal for Intel to retract the agreement, the cross-license agreement between Intel and ATI has not come up for review either. It's not impossible to fathom that Intel would opt to not renew the ATI cross-license agreement, but at this time the agreement is still working and will continue to function until an announcement is made by Intel and ATI.

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