More On AMD's "4x4" Platform

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| Jul 26, 2006 at 8:49 pm CDT
AMD have just recently revealed more information about their upcoming ultra hardc0re enthusiast-oriented platform, "4x4"; this based around a dual socket solution allowing for quad-core mayhem!

The Tech Report have the scoop, and there is some more info on it over at The DailyTech as well.

In a demonstration session for the media at its Silicon Valley headquarters yesterday, AMD revealed a few more details about its plans for its upcoming enthusiast-oriented platform, code-named 4x4. As we reported earlier, 4x4 will be a dual-socket solution for enthusiast and gaming PCs. Representatives from Nero, Luxology, VoodooPC, and Microsoft were on hand to speak about the value of multithreading and the emergence of what AMD calls the "mega-tasking" usage model, a purportedly new way of using a PC that will be intimately familiar to TR readers. I called it having "umpteen different windows open running a zillion things with your hair on fire"-way back in 2002.

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