Sunon Waturbo Liquid Circulation Cooling (LCC) System

Sunon Waturbo Liquid Circulation Cooling (LCC) System news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Jul 25, 2006 at 10:30 pm CDT

Discovered over at TechPowerUp today are details of a new and rather unique "Liquid Circulation Cooling" System by Sunon, dubbed the 'Waturbo' System.

The five key components of a traditional liquid cooling system are still represented: a pump, heat exchanger, radiator, fan, and reserve tank. In the Sunon Waturbo system, however, four of those components (everything but the fan) are packaged in a single, sealed liquid-holding radiator device. This radiator device is sandwiched between the fan (the active cooler, which also drives the pump) and the CPU (the heat generating device in the system).

For the full rundown on it, check out TechPowerUp's posting on it here, and also the product page over at Sunon's website.

In contrast, the Sunon Waturbo system utilizes forced liquid convection to transfer the CPU heat to the radiator fin. Therefore, there is no significant distance effect between CPU and radiator fin and it is possible to keep the fin temperatures stable and obtain an overall increase in thermal efficiency.

Sunon has currently developed and tested the Waturbo technology in desktop computer liquid cooling systems. Similar Waturbo applications are currently under development for both notebook and server applications.

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