ATI Radeon X1950 Uncovered

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| Jul 24, 2006 at 7:06 pm CDT
The DailyTech have posted up details of ATI's new flagship desktop graphics solution, the X1950XTX, as well as a new X1900 card based on the same R580 core, both of these due for release in a couple of weeks or so.

Amongst the transition to GDDR4 memory modules on these cards, there are several other noteworthy changes and interesting info as mentioned in the DailyTech's article here.

This week ATI sent an advisory out to its OEM partners announcing the details of the new Radeon X1950 and X1900 graphic cards. Both of these new cards are based on the same R580 core, but with some fundamental differences.

R580, the 48 pixel-shader processor version of the R520 (Radeon X1800), was announced this past January. R580 features a robust memory controller capable of utilizing several different types of memory, including GDDR4 which was not even available when the Radeon X1900 was first announced.

Since then Hynix and Samsung have both jumped on the GDDR4 train with revenue shipments beginning several weeks ago. The new GDDR4 variants of R580-based Radeons are now called Radeon X1950. Radeon X1950 will retain all of the features of the Radeon X1900, and really only have the added benefit of a new cooler, GDDR4 memory and different frequency clocks.

In other relative news, the Inquirer have made mention of the upcoming X1950XTX to include HDCP support.

ATI'S RADEON X1950 XTX will feature HDCP support. People are getting crazy about this content protection stuff, so many will be miffed that the new old ATI card will support it.

Our crystal balls suggest Blu-ray and HD DVD will become a very popular storage formats and big business interests want to ensure they should not play content without a card that supports HDCP.

However, a source at Sony suggested a while back that the firm might exclude the HDCP support from its first generation Blu-ray devices.

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