Samsung announces plans for DDR5, HBM3, and GDDR6 RAM

Samsung announces next-gen 10nm RAM, including DDR5, HBM3, LPDDR5, and even GDDR6 coming soon.

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Samsung has announced the smallest 8-gigabit DDR4 RAM chips ever made, with its fresh second-gen 10nm manufacturing technology powering the new chips.

Samsung announces plans for DDR5, HBM3, and GDDR6 RAM |

These new DDR4 chips are 15% more power efficient, and are around 10% faster than the previous-generation that was launched only 20 months ago now. Productivity is up 30% on the new DDR4 RAM, meaning Samsung can make more chips, with yields improved above the last-gen DDR4.

Now that Samsung has got its second-gen 10nm tech working beautifully, the South Korean everything giant is working on "accelerating its plans for much faster introductions of next-generation DRAM chips and systems, including DDR5, HBM3, LPDDR5 and GDDR6, for use in enterprise servers, mobile devices, supercomputers, HPC systems and high-speed graphics cards".

All I see there is DDR5, HBM3, and GDDR6... what a Christmas present, Samsung!


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