Trailer online for Valve's "Portal"

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| Jul 20, 2006 at 9:26 pm CDT

Another push towards intensive dedicated physics processing in our games of the future is what Valve are doing with their upcoming title "Portal", set to be bundled with "Half-Life 2 - Episode 2" when it's released.

Valve have kindly distributed a trailer of this very unique game in action, and all i have to say is "WOW!"

Head over to Shacknews for their take on it, or just grab the 50MB trailer from Fileshack and let it do the talking.

Based on the trailer, it appears that the player's sole weapon is a gun that projects portals onto surfaces. Two portals can be created at any given time, and they are linked together; walking into one will have you walking out the other. Objects, enemies, basically anything at all can also be sent through portals, and all of the game's challenges are circumvented by creative use of the portal gun. Whereas Prey is a first person shooter which uses various interesting elements such as portals to create an alien atmosphere, Portal uses portals as the basic gameplay mechanic. Early challenges include simple tasks such as crossing a pit of fire--just shoot one portal nearby, shoot another on the opposite side of the pit, and walk through--but towards the end of the trailer, the tasks became far more interesting.

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