Corsair Flash Readout: USB memory with display

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| Jul 15, 2006 at 11:14 pm CDT

Discovered over at NordicHardware a short time ago, Corsair have taken the next step in portable USB flash storage with their new Flash Readout USB drives. These have a small BCD (Bi-stable Cholesteric Display) which provides information such as amount of space used/free and the type of data stored on it. Although not a necessity, you have to admit it's kinda cool.

More on it at Nordic.

Corsair Flash Readout is yet another product from memory manufacturer Corsair that introduces new functions on an already established market. We've seen it several times on the memory module market where Corsair's Pro and Xpert series displays fresh thinking. Now the time has come for the USB memory market as Flash Readout is a USB memory. Flash Readout has, except from a capacity at up to 2GB, a small BCD display (Bi-stable Cholesteric Display). The display has been divided into three sections that all can supply you with different information about the USB memory and its data. First of all you can enter an 11 letter long name for the memory, which perhaps best reflects the data stored.

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