More News on ATIs RV560/570

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| Jul 13, 2006 at 8:33 pm CDT

More details have just surfaced (thanks to the lads at Hexus) in relation to ATI's upcoming RV560/570 based graphics cards. Turns out the mysterious NVIDIA SLI looking connector on these cards (of which The Inquirer discovered recently) will in fact be used for the purpose of connecting multiple cards together in a more effective manner.

After spending many a night out in Asia we heard some very filling little beans.... When speaking to one of the many AIB partners, we learnt some information about ATI's upcoming 560/570 GPUs.

2 is better than 1 - we have got ATI and NVIDIA both touting this - in fact soon we will have ATI telling us 3 is better than 2 - and NVIDIA have already played their hand and told us they want atleast 4. With this in mind the way that you deploy your next multi-GPU solution is becoming critical.

And on the subject of RV560, The Inquirer have reported today that ATI intend to keep owners of AGP based platforms happy with plans to release an RV560 based AGP card.

ATI WON'T completely give up on the AGP market. It won't release a top notch card either, but it will continue to support this community. It's as easy as making a PCB with Rialto bridge support and the PCIe chip becomes an AGP.

ATI plans to make a graphic board design codenamed Torpedo 2. The card is based on the RV560 chip, built at UMC, and it should work at a 450MHz core clock. The memory will work at 650MHz and it is a 128 bit memory interface card. This 256MB of GDDR 3 memory comes in a BGA package using 16Mx32 chips that are capable of 700MHz performance. The card supports ATX and BTX formants and needs six layer PCB to work.

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