Apple wins $120 million in slide-to-unlock war with Samsung

Supreme Court rules in Apple's favor, Samsung has to cough up $120 million in slide-to-unlock patent war.

| Nov 7, 2017 at 9:55 pm CST

Apple and Samsung has been in court for what feels like forever, but in their latest high-profile dispute over the slide-to-unlock patent, the Supreme Court has ruled in Apple's favor.

Apple wins $120 million in slide-to-unlock war with Samsung |

The Supreme Court decided not to hear an appeal in the patent infringement case, with Samsung and Apple being at each others wallets since 2014, and have been into higher courts because of it. Apple claims that Samsung infringed on its slide-to-unlock patent, adding that the patent is for turning actionable information like a phone number, into a link.

Apple won the initial ruling, with Samsung forced to pay for infringing on Apple's patents. Samsung appealed this ruling some two years later, and was overturned. The next year, Apple went to a higher court again with an appeal, and it was reinstated. Samsung then went onto the offensive and appealed to the Supreme Court, with the Supreme Court deciding to let Samsung's cries fall on deaf ears, forcing the South Korean giant to cough up $120 million.

Samsung isn't happy with the verdict of course, saying Apple would be able to "unjustly profit" from the slide-to-unlock patent. As TechSpot points out, "the lawsuit has dragged out for so long that nobody even uses slide-to-unlock anymore", and at that point, all you can do is laugh.

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