ATI R570 has a mystery connector

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| Jul 10, 2006 at 6:09 pm CDT
The Inquirer have just recently scored a good hard look at ATI's upcoming R570 based reference card (designed to replace the existing R580 variants).

Its been discovered that along with R570 comes a new PCB, one with some distinct differences to what we're used to seeing. In particular, a "mysterious connector" on the top left-side of the PCB which resembles a similarity to NVIDIA's SLI connectors.

Read The Inquirer's take on it here folks.

WHEN WE PUBLISHED the picture of MSI's RX1900GT- here, we couldn't help but think about similarities to the Radeon X1800XL and Radeon X1900, albeit without any king-size coolers.

Our readers noticed that as well - and it didn't take long before we received a picture of original R570 reference design, manufactured in ATI's small SMT line in Canada.

The reference design is still the same size as X1800/X1900 series, but comes with some tweaks to lower the price of the product. We still see the ancient Rage Theater (sic) ViVo chip, which debuted in the world around eight years ago, and still is an often seen feature on ViVo boards. Sadly, this author has a preference for the Rage Theater (sic) 200 chip instead, but it obviously isn't cheap enough to manufacture.

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