CS:GO iconic map Dust2 receives a significant upgrade

Quadruple the texture resolution, lighting improvements, changes to bombsites and more.

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CS:GO gamers are set for a treat, Valve have announced that the iconic map 'Dust2' has received a make-over to 'honor its pure form while buffing away the jagged edges'. The new release of the popular map features quadruple the texture resolution and significant lighting improvements.

CS:GO iconic map Dust2 receives a significant upgrade 02

Valves intentions for the new version of Dust2 were to:

  • Improve player readability throughout the map
  • Refine movement around the world including cover
  • Upgrade the visuals to be in line with modern maps

It's not only the map that has received love, player models have also been overhauled with the infamous Leet Krew receving a visual update to match their updated environment. Other noticeable changes include Bombsite A with the broken down cars reduced to one car, this should allow for increased player movement in that area and removal of drain pipes so players can peek around corners more effectively. Bombsite B also receives some changes, as the busted cars have been moved further away to again allow more player movement around that area.

The new Dust2 map is available via CS:GO's beta build, you will have to opt in to the CS:GO beta via the Steam interface if you wish to experience it before the official release. To view Valves official blog for a full breakdown of the update, click here.

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