AOL Instant Messenger to shut down on December 15

AIM helped pioneer instant messaging in the 90's and now will join MSN and Yahoo messengers as it's end of an era.

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Remember when you'd log on to the internet with your 56k modem, wait patiently for AIM start-up and log in? There's probably some people who do (hopefully without the 56k modem). Unfortunately Verizon, owner of AOL, have announced that on December 15, the long-running instant messenger service will be shut down.

AOL Instant Messenger to shut down on December 15 |

"AIM tapped into new digital technologies and ignited a cultural shift, but the way in which we communicate with each other has profoundly changed," writes Michael Albers, communications products VP at Oath.

AIM is one of the last 90's IM services to shut down, with MSN Messenger shutting down in 2014 and Yahoo Messenger pulling the plug last year. The social landscape has changed towards social media and social apps over the past 15 years, with the introduction of Smartphones we've seen Facebook, Snapchat and Skype revolutionising the digital social scene.

Does anyone else feel the urge to log back into AIM and say goodbye?


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