Tesla's world record battery in SA is halfway complete

Tesla says the world's largest battery installation in South Australia is nearly finished.

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Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk visited my state last week, where here in South Australia his company along with the state government are erecting the largest utility-grade battery bank in the world.

Tesla's world record battery in SA is halfway complete | TweakTown.com

The 100mW Hornsdale Wind Farm is around an hour drive from where I live here in SA, which will be the largest grid-tied system in the world when it's turned on. The largest grid-tied system to date is a 30mW/120mWh system built by AES Energy Storage in Southern California, but the Hornsdale Wind Farm rocks a huge 100mW of power.

Musk was in town recently, and didn't respond to my tweets unfortunately, where he took the stage with South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill. Weatherill was at Tesla's party on Friday night, telling the crowd: "There were lots of people that were making jokes about South Australia and making fun of our leadership in renewable energy. Well today they're laughing out of the other side of their face". Musk added: "To have that [construction] done in two months ... you can't remodel your kitchen in that period of time".

What I want to see as an Australian who knows just how much spare land we have, and how much of that land is blanketed by sunlight... we could power the entire country with Tesla's technology and expertise. Musk said to the crowd: "Australia could be powered by 1,890 square kilometers of solar panels-roughly a tenth the area of Sydney backed up by seven square kilometers of batteries".

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