AMD's upcoming Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile kills Core i5 CPU

Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile: Zen CPU cores, Vega GPU tech, and great battery life teased.

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It seems all of AMD's upcoming products have been experiencing quite the information leak, where we have found out about Vega 20, Ryzen 2 and Ryzen 3, Raven Ridge, and now Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile.

AMD's upcoming Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile kills Core i5 CPU |

AMD's upcoming Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile product is the first Zen-based APU, which will also rock on-die Vega graphics. AMD is promising some great performance out of Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile, which will beat a Kaby Lake-based Core i5 processor, and absolutely thrashes AMD's last-gen efforts with Bristol A12.

In terms of gaming performance, we're told to believe it all from a 3DMark 11 run, with Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile equaling the Bristol A12-based APU, and really putting the boot into Intel's neck with their Kaby Lake-based Core i5. AMD has also made some hefty improvements to the power consumption, with idle power numbers that are slightly below the Core i5, and radically lower than the Bristol A12.


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