Socket AM2 Has Hidden Weapon

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| Jun 25, 2006 at 6:38 am CDT

Although not due for official launch until July 23rd, Intel's Conroe processors have been the talk of the town lately, this mainly due to a bunch of crushing benchmark results shown off around the web by various sources who've been lucky enough to play with some early samples.

This has put a bit of a dampner on the impact of AMD's latest AM2 platform surfacing recently, as early reports would suggest Conroe is a major threat in the performance stakes. HOWEVER, according to both the Inquirer and XBit Labs, AMD has a secret counter-attack weapon hidden in its Socket AM2 infrastructure, they call it "Reverse-HyperThreading".


In April 2006 some rumors emerged that AMD was working on the technology designed to boost performance of single-threaded applications on multi-core processors. According to certain sources familiar with AMD plans, the company is going to offer their own technology that will work in an opposite way to what Intel Hyper-Threading does: it increases performance of dual-core chips in single-threaded applications. If the latter splits resources of a single physical processor core, then AMD's new know-how will allow combining the resources of the two physical cores to speed up the processing of tasks that work in the most optimal way on single-core CPUs, according to sources.

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