Battlegrounds on Xbox One X: 30-40FPS with 100 in server

Xbox One X handles PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds at 30-40FPS with 100-player servers.

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When the news broke that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was coming to the Xbox One X, most - including myself, wondered how the performance of the game would be on the console.

Battlegrounds on Xbox One X: 30-40FPS with 100 in server |

But PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, said during an interview with Eurogamer that the current Xbox One X developer kit is running Battlegrounds at 30-40FPS on 100-player servers. He said: "Using Unreal first, it's a fantastic engine, it makes moving to different platforms relatively easy. There's optimisation that we need and we have a partner in Anticto, in Spain".

He continued: "There's about four or five of them working on the console version at the moment. They're very clever guys. They've helped us with a lot of features on the current game mod and for console. It's great, we have them working on that and the main team is still focused heavily on the PC version. We have a version running on the Xbox One X prototype in the office which can plug into the online servers. We were playing on live servers on the console at about 30 or 40 FPS. So it works on 100 man servers".


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