ATI Catalyst 6.5 Drivers

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| May 25, 2006 at 5:13 am CDT

The fifth release of ATI's CATALYST drivers for 2006 are now available for download, with this changelog reporting 2 new features in the way of an "Overlay Theater Mode Update" and "Adaptive Anti-Aliasing for ATI Radeon 9500 and above", as well as several performance improvements across certain game titles.

Grab them here.

Catalyst® 6.5 introduces a new option for Overlay Theater Mode. The new option, Standard Dual Mode is available for Radeon® X1x00 series of graphics cards. This new feature now allows users to playback video using hardware acceleration when it is played on both displays (clone mode). Hardware acceleration decreases CPU utilization, allowing the PC to run smoother and faster. When using two displays in clone mode, video playback will be identically displayed on both display devices. For Radeon® X1000 series products (Avivo Video) overlay is per-display and true overlay will be used for both displays. For pre-Radeon® X1x00 boards, there is only one hardware overlay, so video on the second clone display device is either software-rendered (i.e. "Same on all" selection) or the Windows desktop is displayed but the video will not show through the color key (i.e., "Standard mode" selection).

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